We, at CODE MASCHINE GmbH, are a powerful mix of strategists, nerds, and practitioners who work hand-in-hand building world-class wireless and wired data networks. We build on our Hanseatic roots and win our customers over through honesty, vision, diligence and fairness.

CODE MASCHINE is owner-run and has been active throughout Germany since 2012.

This website gives you an overview of what we do. If something is missing, please feel free to contact us. In many peripheral areas, we work together with competent partners. Otherwise, we would be happy to meet you and work together to see in which areas we can support you.

Sebastian Tobies & Jannes Dinse (Managing Directors)

CODE MASCHINE joins "wayv"

CODE MASCHINE und YNS Network Solutions haben ihre Expertise zusammengelegt und treten gemeinsam als wayv GmbH auf. Noch mehr Schlagkraft, noch mehr Synergie, noch größer das Leistungsspektrum!

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the library haunter 🦉🎃

C. S. Lewis: *writes a Narnia book in a week with no outline* me: *writing multiple drafts of a three-sentence DM to a crush*

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ᔐ Sebastian Tobies

If someone out there needs some #Cisco AP + 2566 antenna adjustable mounts, ping me.

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