Data via the air

Gone are the days when offices rely solely on structured wired systems. In addition to smartphones and tablets, time-tracking systems, building automation, wireless printers, and even the coffee maker communicate via Wi-Fi.

It is no longer sufficient enough for wireless networks to just function quickly and reliably. Security becomes relevant at the latest when not only the wannabe hacker from next door plays around with your company´s heating system, but when company secrets are in acute danger. Therefore, a comprehensive Wi-Fi concept is needed, in order to properly integrate all devices.

Rebuilding or updating to the latest standards through proper planning and simulations can save you a lot of money.

Wi-Fi in Sales Promotion

You have experienced this: As soon as you enter a shop with its thick, prefabricated walls of reinforced conrete, you are in data nirvana. There´s no chance to ask the outside world what one should bring along, or to see how the electrical appliance fares in product tests. Free Internet access not only increases customer satisfaction, but also extends the length of theier stay, as well as sales.

However, Wi-Fi can also do more. A captive portal could point to current campaigns, which, in combination with Apps, could provide further incentives to buy. Visitor tracking shows the flow of visitiors in the store and makes marketing campaigns and customer loyalty measureable. Last but not least, social media can be integrated into the visiting experience in many different ways.