Wi-Fi is often more important than the bed

Frustration about lousy internet access in hotels is substantial. What had once been considered a nice gimmick is now crucial for many guests today when choosing hotels. Complaints such as "bad Wi-Fi" or "outrageous prices for Wi-Fi access" are even found in the ratings of large hotel chains. The press has addressed this, and there are also entire websites devoted to this topic. Many hotel search portals now use internet access as a central filter criterion. Some guests consider this more important than sleeping comfort or room furnishing.

Now is the time to act - but correctly. Proper planning and simulation of networks are essential for stable functionality and ultimately save you a lot of money. Choosing the right technical components is essential. Since many manufactures have now recognised the concern of the hospitality industry, they offer smart solutions with which, for example, the expense of rewiring can largely be avoided.