What´s behind the keywords

Industry 4.0, Logistic 4.0, Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM), Digital Supply Chain, Internet of Things. These and many other terms describe an increasingly far-reaching network in industry and logistics in different ways. What they have in common is that they build on powerful data networks. Without these networks, reliable operation is not possible.

Unfortunately, this very point is quickly forgotten with all innovations. This ultimately leads to unnecessarily high costs due to malfunctions and troubleshooting. A larger number of environmental factors must be taken into account when designing an optimal system: humidity, temperature, variable sotrage utilisation, shock sensitivity, electromagnetic interference, as well as required throughput or crash/failure protection through redundancy.

Our assemblers are specially-trained for industrial environments. High heights, hard-to-reach installation positions, construction work, logistics traffic or extreme weather are normal challenges for them.