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Individual software solutions
…tailored to your needs!


”we ♥ the code!”

Websites • Shops • Apps
Individual software solutions
…tailored to your needs!

The code

Our focuses


Wordpress is a content management system that is characterized by its widespread use, high adaptability and configurability.

Depending on the requirements of the planned project, you should decide individually which content management system (CMS) is most suitable.


TYPO3 is another widely used content management system (CMS) that we set up and operate for our customers.

Depending on the requirements of the planned project, you should decide individually which content management system (CMS) is most suitable.


Basically, we don't allow ourselves to be pinned down to one system and always try to keep an overview of the market. Nevertheless, certain systems have proven particularly successful in the past.
Shopware offers a great amount of options for shop-oriented projects and scales with the needs of operators and customers.

Customer-specific in-house developments

Off-the-shelf products don't always fit. Some requirements are so specific that they require specific software.

individual solutions

The requirements for software can be as different as the users themselves.
A CMS doesn’t always fit, and there isn’t always the right customizable solution out of the box. In these cases, we are happy to advise and find individual solutions.


Particularly close to the customer, particularly close to the project. The project becomes mobile with an app.

Flutter, Cordova, etc

It’s not just websites that can be accessed quickly and easily with mobile devices.
Mobile apps are also becoming increasingly important. Everything is possible, from the quick display of page content to complex system control.


Frameworks are the key to quickly develope reliable and secure solutions.

Framework-basedPHP on Skates, Ruby on Rails, etc.

In order to keep development time and costs low, we use frameworks wherever possible and sensible.
We rely on well-known and well-tested frameworks as well as our own developments.

Web development & design



Individual Hanseatic solutions


Suitable solutions for your requirements

Our workpieces



App (iOS & Android)
Pearl Fisher Film Production

The Machine

Since CODE MASCHINE was founded in 2012, our web development department with its many years of experience in this industry has been characterized by the highest quality and optimal solutions in the interests of the customer. The requirements are high! In the fast-paced industry with constantly new smartphones, tablets, desktops and smart TVs and the associated constant innovations in programming languages, frameworks and program libraries, we keep our finger on the pulse of the times, are eager to learn and are constantly educating ourselves. This is the only way we can offer our customers solutions that are not only high-performance, but also sustainable.

The Machinists

 Jannes Böttcher

Jannes Böttcher

CEO, Senior Developer

Founder Backend

 Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin

Developer, Data protection
The cook

Frontend Web Shop
Data protection

 Leon Wolfgang Rönnpagel

Leon Wolfgang Rönnpagel

CTO, Developer

Backend Cleaner
No #c0ffee

Who We Are

development of your web application

Web design:

Concept, implementation and support – professional web design from Hamburg. We offer the full range of visibility, usability and accessibility on the internet. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and based on our experience, we can optimally support our customers from all over Germany. We are always ready for new, exciting web projects.

Responsive Design:

Websites that cannot be viewed on smartphones or tablets are locking themselves out of an ever-growing market. With responsive design, we make websites ready for use – anytime, anywhere.

Content Management System:

As an online agency in Hamburg, we develop individual CMS solutions with which content can be managed and maintained quickly and easily. As a web design agency, we can also support you in maintaining the content of your website.


Web design and legal requirements present agencies with special challenges that we, as a well-rehearsed agency in Hamburg, overcome for you. As an e-commerce agency, we would be happy to advise you in detail on this topic.


We create concepts that convince users. To do this, we rely on our experience, our specialist knowledge and our creative energy. With prototyping, wireframes, strategies and a clean information architecture, we create the basis for convincing web design and more.

Data privacy & protection:

Data privacy & protection plays a major role in our work in software and especially web development. Thanks to this focus, we have been able to gain a lot of experience and are constantly training ourselves.
We would be happy to share this knowledge with you and advise you on questions about your website as well as internal company processes – wherever the collection and handling of data is involved.

Skills We Use

Shopware 100%
Wordpress 100%
Typo3 100%
Ruby on Rails 100%
Android apps, iPhone apps 100%
Data protection 100%

We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

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