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secure & robust WiFi networks for everyone…

Faster WiFi for a more productive business – let us improve your network

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”We ♥ the network!”

secure & robust WiFi networks for everyone…

It just has to work!

Fast and secure WiFi connections are a basic requirement for productive and efficient work processes in companies and organizations. The professional planning and installation of WiFi networks in compliance with data protection regulations represents a technical challenge for companies. With many years of experience CODE MASCHINE GmbH supports you in setting up a professional WiFi infrastructure in your company.

Our focuses

Wireless Networks

Radio networks

Planning, simulation, installation & measurement of radio networks

Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Ubiquiti and many more.
manufacturer-independent and tailored to individual needs

Cable Networks

Cable networks

Analysis of your requirements, planning, installation (copper & fiber optic) & support

A good wired network is the basis for a functioning WiFi.

Regardless of whether it is a completely new concept or the exchange of components, we are at your side.


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The Team

 Nehadin Jonuzi

Nehadin Jonuzi

Head of Net, CTO

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 Azeem Syed

Azeem Syed

Assistant to the management, sales

Back Office Sales

 Jalal Al Khayat

Jalal Al Khayat

System integrator, Field engineering

Troubleshooter Tea Time
Site Survey

 Julius Niemeier

Julius Niemeier

System integrator, Field engineering

Site Survey

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